carbon Fiber Reinforcement Used in Construction

发布时间 : 2022-09-11 17:18:01

Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement technology is to use special structural adhesive to paste carbon cloth on the concrete surface to form a composite structure. Carbon fiber cloth is used in cooperation with concrete to strengthen and improve the stress performance of components or structures. Subsequently, most people will think that carbon fiber cloth is lighter in weight and less thick than construction steel rebar and concrete. Are building rebars really strong?


To put it bluntly, the reason why carbon fiber cloth can be used for structural reinforcement depends entirely on its high tensile strength. The tensile strength of grade I 300g carbon cloth can reach 3400MPa. To the same effect as tensile building steel bars, it can improve the bearing capacity of concrete structures.


But in addition to the carbon fiber cloth, the matching carbon fiber glue is also indispensable for the reinforcement and stability of the carbon fiber cloth. In view of the bonding effect of carbon fiber glue is the fundamental guarantee for carbon cloth and concrete substrate to work together as a whole, if the effect of carbon fiber glue is poor, the peeling and damage of carbon cloth will cause the instantaneous failure of building steel bars, which will seriously endanger life safety. Therefore, in structural reinforcement, carbon fiber glue with high strength and good durability should be selected, and it should not be greedy for small profits.


Therefore, in the reinforcement of building structures, choosing a good carbon cloth and matching carbon fiber glue is the guarantee of reinforcement quality.


For customers who are not very familiar with carbon fiber cloth, pay attention to the stability of carbon fiber cloth when wholesale. At present, the quality level of carbon fiber cloth sold on the market generally meets the standard, but in order to better ensure that customers need to identify the brand when purchasing carbon fiber cloth in bulk. Secondly, before use, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive quality evaluation of the purchased carbon fiber cloth.

     Using carbon fiber cloth as a common steel material to deal with the quality problems of building structures, can the construction effect after completion reach an ideal level? In view of the wide application of carbon fiber cloth, it can solve the quality damage of various building structures. In addition, the quality of the building structure can also successfully pass the acceptance level after construction. Therefore, the number of building units that use carbon fiber cloth as the basic reinforcement material is also increasing.